Monday, August 22, 2011

bazaar ramadhan part. 2

Hey guys, its aestherlyienda calling out to everyone, I seriously mean everyone to 
take care of your food intake.
There have been many cases reported involving food poisoning and
the sad part is that it involves food purchased at bazaar ramadhan.

I look like that missing person printed on a milk carton.

Who would have guessed a simple air tebu and otak-otak can be your very last meal?
It is sad how at the very end of bulan ramadhan, people doesn't seem to care much about hygiene.
All they can think of is raya.raya.raya.
How would you feel if your nasi tomato caused the death of a young girl?

Speaking of nasi tomato, me and my roommate got traumatize early Saturday morning.
We both got terrible stomach ache.
Suspected food - Nasi Tomato.
I swear for this time only, I will not visit any bazaar ramadhan until next year. ngeh~

Now, I would like to thank, The toilet bowl who had been my companion and
 tissue paper for being the best of friend.
Also, thanks to my neighbor for the recent discovery that 
thick brewed tea can actually tame wild tummy
the pain had finally left the building after 3 times visiting my boyfriend-the toilet.

Did I mention I'm flying back to sabah this Friday?
Well, I'm telling you lah this.
I so miss my sister. She have been bragging me to buy her a pair of new shoes.
Geez. Go get yourself a job women! ehehe

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