Friday, August 19, 2011

flushed cheek and brown hair.

For some reason, my hair turns brown-ish during autumn. Ohh and I look tan. 
Probably because of the frequent sun exposure. I'm not really sunscreen friendly.
I forgot to moisturize today. Dab on some powder, put on my helpful second eyes and straight to business.
Its always so easy to get away with piled up make up when you have a naturally flushed cheek.
I don't know why I'm feeling so desperately want to blog when I should be doing my reports this very minute.
Well, got to go.go.go.

P/S Lagu-lagu Raya udah start berkumandang di corong-corong radio tu. Rasa x? Rasa x?
Sikit hari lagi Rayo doh. Sabar berpuasa k? Sekejap aja lagi.

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