Sunday, August 14, 2011

Keeping the promise with myself

Happy Sunday people.
Dua (2) minggu lagi holiday. I can't wait.
Awak dah beli baju raya? Warna apa tahun ni? Design pula macam mana? Buat berapa pasang?
Ehh. Pakai baju last year ke? Kesiannyer~ *-*
Takpa lah. At least ada kan? kan? (senangkan hati owang)

Chores done for today. I don't think I had any rest at all.
All I can think off right now is that, hometown is two weeks away.
I don't seem to be focusing much on books.
Now, I have noumbalan ku noh repeating on my playlist this very second.
Originally sung by Felix Don, covered by our very own talented DeMarshall.

I asked God to help clean my hard disk last night, so does every other night before I go to bed.
Today I'm thinking of defragmenting it instead. Cookies just won't go away, even after I've cleared up all my history. geez.
When was the last time you asked God for help?
God bless you all this blessed Sunday.

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