Wednesday, August 24, 2011

language and CLEO

Hello lovely bloggers. I have lots of things to say today. Sorry, my hand tend to become overly active after a long pause from the keyboard. So here goes..

ONE : People have been bugging me (pause) about the sudden change in blogging routine. I mean, the language. So, I've been a chameleon lately, blogging in Malay, mixing it up with some English; I guess people have been wondering. I too, have taken a lot of consideration whether I should do a mix up of English and Malay in this blog. I am (if you haven't know) a Malaysian and I noticed people respond more on my Malay post rather than the English one.
 I must admit, English have always been my favorite language but I must improve my Malay language. I'm terrible at it. It made explanation a little bit harder for me. We got confused as Indonesian way too many times here in Kuala Lumpur and sometimes our work got caught up in all those language barrier. Geez. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I'm turning over completely. Its just that sometimes, you have to speak their language to get the best of what you want. That one I learn from someone I knew at the office. If someone tells you lupa diri or lupa daratan whatsoever, think of it this way, learning to speak other people's language doesn't make you that. Its what they call creativity in living. 

TWO : I'm a person who value opinions. I also love sharing stuffs like make up tips, everything creative and so I developed this blog. Half of the reason I blog is to share stuffs with everyone.
Now, thanks to my ex-roommate, I just knew that I had my name printed on CLEO's August 2011 issue. 
That was so long ago. Still, I am very happy. Who would have known my opinions too are valued.

Just my name there made me smile non-stop.
Another day tomorrow and its going to be a long holiday. Can't wait!

P/S I went through 4 magazine stands just to find the august issue since the September issue is already released.
Thank God its still available.

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