Saturday, August 6, 2011

Saturday speaks.

I have a problem.
I've been thinking a lot lately. About Nutella 

Who doesn't love Nutella?
Unless you're allergic to cocoa.

You know what makes me happy?
Listening to Katy Perry and some Malay music. I'm suddenly getting all mushy.
 Going through all the random recording sessions I did with my siblings. Miss them idiots. =)

I have a crush on this art museum

There's a big tree just behind the other block. I think its pretty. =) The evening sun shine over the same green block. It just seems so nice and warm.
Had work today and its Saturday *woot*. Can you imagine how workaholic we've been?
But the experience was great all together. 

I bet everyone is spending heck a lovely time with their beloved. 
I'm so jealous. 


-ilyannur- said...

i luv nutella! u such a workaholic! hepi2 bah saturday hihi. enjoy your weekend

Tqa London said...

Actually I'm eating Nutella right off the jar right now.. lol