Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Warning : Just Words.

often we took the wrong path in life. we made mistakes but never admit it. and so I tried to be true. not to myself, but to the one I love. to have good endless conversation without having any doubts that my other half would know how bad I've been behaving (if).
life is not always about how right we are all the time. at certain levels of life, we have to admit our mistakes but still have the will to enforce our strength for better relationship in the future. sometimes we are used to the things we call as long as I'm being me, there's no need to worry. but life changes the way I see things. some tragedy in life repeats itself so we can make even better choices.
I am not perfect. and I am trying to restrain myself from cursing people. I do this, even though its hard, with the help of God. some people might not like it if I talk about God. but I am proud to be Christian. I believe in Satan but God almighty is my savior.
I never did tried to fake myself. if I did, then maybe I made a wrong turn. but I slept well and I never had problems with loyalty. do you?
God Bless Your Soul. Amen.

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Vicc said...

Im proud to be a Christian too.. Dont be ashamed to tell the world about our Jesus. God Bless :)