Tuesday, September 6, 2011

aestherlyienda dot blogspot

As you can see, I've updated (rearrange, changed, update) my precious blog. Sorry for the long blackout. Its
still not finish though. I have again much more tweaking to do but, in the mean time I'd let it off with just a simple pretty-pastel new layout.

 I love this not-so-perfect pear photo.

HELP : What do you think of my new blog? I REALLY NEED YOUR OPINIONS on this. 
Please leave a comment here or spam on my CBOX.
I'd really APPRECIATE it.
Ohh, you can always drop by my FACEBOOK if you have the time.

P/S: How's my new HEADER? =)


1 comment:

Mootsabella said...

seriously you have a very nice blog..your header is very cool and suit your blog..i think its vintage style or something...your blog reminds me of thecherryblossomgirl...she's a fashionista!!!! hehe
nice blog and keep up!