Friday, September 23, 2011


This is a compilation(almost) of my week at..

 NorthPort, Port Klang

Its been hectic all week. And all those days I spent with my overloaded tasks and even now, reports keeps piling up my desk, laptop to be sure. My brain cells are in serious condition. It came to a very severe point where I think, another pile of those unexpected task will definitely blow my heads off. Only today I have the privileged to go online and clean all those spider webs on my blog. have you missed me?

So all these are my whole week of work related photos.

 one of those parked(?) ship.

  miniature ship on display. This was a token of appreciation from previous batch.

containers and big engineering structures which was thousand times bigger than me.
That means its super scary being under it.

Ohh and not forgetting Kapal Tongkang dari Indonesia ya..

Working was nice but somewhat really tiring with all the mentioned stuffs and long daily travelling from one place to another. But all together, pretty pictures, different environment, yummy inexpensive foods and going to new places. I loike!

Vandalism is everywhere.

Its going to be another restless weekend. I hope everyone is doing fine.


TopiJerami90 said...

gambar2 yg cantik..

jom balas kunjungan saya di Sini

Eudora Priscilla said...

wonderful pictures, I like the fourth one the best!