Saturday, September 3, 2011

Cupcakes galore.

Hello again.
I'm seeing many couples with cupcakes themed engagement and wedding day nowadays.
Well honestly, my engagement day was as simple as my white dress 5 years ago with no cakes and stuffs.
It was a downer actually.
Still, I cherish it. As long as I am pronounced engaged, its all that's matter. NO REGRETS. We're still going strong.
I've only organized one wedding my whole life. That is until somebody decided to interfere. Totally sucks the mood out of me.
Now, back to cupcakes. Rather than the simple names on your cupcakes, why don't you try a couple of these I stumble upon.
Especially for you cupcake fans out there.

Prepare yourself a DIY cupcake bar for your lovelies with toppings of their choice.
You never have to hear another sound of frown for another cupcake toppings.

Now, a little something for everyone. Something different I must say.
{via: Sweetpaul}

This could have been wonderful for weddings. Maybe engagement day, anyone?
Or maybe your proposal ideas?
Sorry, I kind of forgot where I found this picture. I downloaded this long time ago. 
I just thought its a nice idea to share with you guys.
The reason I downloaded it was because of the sweet lotus origami.

I've been longing to post delicious food photos for a long time.
Since its fasting seasons for muslims in Malaysia, I hold back the urge.
I just thought it by now that I made a wrong decision.
This cupcakes ideas could be Raya celebration ideas too.
Sorry guys. 

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