Sunday, September 25, 2011


Heyyo blow-gers.
I wrote this whole blog post in Malay but then, I change it to English because I think it suites my audience better. But then again, I'd leave this post a mix of english and malay.
Kuala Lumpur is pretty much foggy today. The sky is somewhat grey-ish as a result of the fog.
 Please people, stop open burning. You're killing mother earth!

I've gained a couple of kg after the holidays and I have this unhealthy thoughts of thinking I'm FAT.
Am trying to lose the pounds but since I'm no longer staying in college, its pretty hard to shed some kg due to very minimal sweating session. I really don't want to be categorize as the biggest loser.

Tapi gemok itu comel, comfy and really nice to poke because they're wobbly. And yes, I prefer someone chubby or berisi daripada orang yang kurus kerempeng macam ada penyakit aneroxia. euuu..Sangat tidak comfy dipeluk. "Dislike". Macam tengkorak!

Look at the bright side, semua orang akan jadi gemuk juga bila dah tua. So don't look down on people yang gemok, ok? Thin old granny have trademark and that's walking corpse. neh~
Tapi GEMUK tau, bukan OBESE. Kalau obese tu lain cerita.


Fadzmie said...

Haha. Aiya, semalam saya ada buat entri yang ada kaitan sama ko punya entri ni. Tapi yang saya punya entri tu untuk those yang obese la. Bukan yang gemuk chubby biasa. :p

Mitchamorchell said...

memang butul... berisi kit o gemuk is better than those people who skinny and also to those yang oredi skinny but still blum cukup kurus lagi kunun. tu org mmg jns yg tidak pndai menghargai pa yang mereka suda ada still wanna get slim even though the body dah hampir tengkorak oredi.. =)

aestherlyienda said...

Fadzmi : Oww ya ka? alalalar.. byk case org gemuk kali kan skarang. ngee

Mitchell : yep.yep.yep.

Tqa London said...

I appreciate this post so much because people tend to hate me sebab konon2 nya gemuk is the main reason.

I also have a skinny ex-friend who can't gain weight but still complaining how fat she is. and she loves to call me a fat bitch. that is why she is my ex-friend now.

Girls, do love yourself and be comfortable in your own skin.

Have a nice day Lyienda!

aestherlyienda said...

Hai Tqa, ugly situation you have there. Everyone's special in their own way. peduli what people say. yang penting you're happy!! ^^

Have a nice day to you too

Eudora Priscilla said...

Strong is the new skinny! =D I don't want to be skinny just toned.. haha..

FBS Headmaster said...

Haha jom sama2 workout! I think I'm more over weight that you, thats for sure and workout is really no fun game. So while you are still at the level where changes still can be made. Dont wait till its too late, haha dont let the bear gets to you XD

aestherlyienda said...

now, what a nice comment from everyone. I see you're reading.... thanks.