Saturday, September 10, 2011

fourteen 14

Hello guys, I have plenty to blog but years of blogging thought me to save that extra baggage for future blog session. A short and simple blog post always is the best way. Not that everyone's gonna read every single words I write, right?
Alright then, lets just cut to the chase. I remembered a long time ago I blog about how inspired I am on becoming an artist; a painter I meant. I was so inspired but I came out as something outside the desire. The only artist I am left now is probably the pop of colours I always find myself getting attached too. Just colours. The brush strokes, the dirty pastel colours, the pencils and all the inspiring books had long left the space in my heart, leving it empty, but soon got filled with photoshops and photography. Its kind of still the same, right?

I found my drawing pad today. The one I filled up with drawings back when I was in secondary two (2).
Fourteen (14) ya'll! More than ten (10) years ago clap-clap*
It got that old smell to it.

So sad my other drawing pad went missing. My sister told me it was probably got thrown out,
or maybe its in the store room somewhere. Still, this kind of simple things that brought me to where I was before, made my day.

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Unknown said...

gosh! you really know how to draw! bravo-bravo!!1