Thursday, September 15, 2011

idiotic beliefs

When I was little, a lot of my friends told me that whenever you see lightning across the horizon, that means you are a sinner/ you have sinned etc. everything about sins and you know what? I believed every little detail they told me. What a stupid bimbo I was. By now, people would think I'm crazy if I still believe in that stuff.

Another one of that idiotic belief I find myself so stupidly falling for was, if you stare someone with red eyes (conjunctivitis in medical term) directly at his/her eyes, you curse as hard as you can so you won't get the illness. wtf!wtf! 

I put Elmo's eyes instead of a red-eyed person so you won't have to curse. wtf!

And one more thing, I'm not a fan of funerals. I've only cried once in all the funeral I went. SO the thing about funeral is, the stupid thing I mean, was the stuffs they told me. 
1) You mustn't wear red color to a funeral why? because the ghost will see you first. eeeek??
2) You mustn't cry during a funeral why? because the dead person wouldn't want to leave or pass etc.
3) You mustn't play guitar during a funeral wtf! of course lah.. you ingat pesta kah?? ehehe.

Notice how everything is related to the color red?
Gosh! But I love red.

Gents and lovely ladies, do you have any stupid beliefs that you fall for like I did here?