Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I have to admit this, sometimes I run out of ideas to blog. I am a very fussy blogger and photographer. It all depends on the mood. If I blog to fill up the empty slots, my words become lifeless. 

So, today our driver was kind enough to bring us visit a mini aquarium place somewhere in Subang.
Took lots of fish photos. Here's some of it

 OHH! This is not categorized as fish, is it? All my life I thought myself,  prawns only turns red when its cooked [laughs]. I think this is a baby lobster. Looks like prawn to me. But it's red. So yea, a lobster.

 I just loove red color fish. Well, also the fact that I love red.
A friend said the fish looks like me. wtf. Just because I like taking fish-like mouth pictures. She said,"bibir sexy".

Ohh, I have this photo the most. Japanese Koi fish. The price range was around Rm2xx to Rm6xx depends on the species. walaoweh. Makan sushi lagi shiok!

Highlights of the whole visit was when my friend said,"Ikan kegersangan" wtf.

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