Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I'm so glad I choose not to cut my hair.
The hair's looking great today. I wish it would look this great everyday. Whatever it is, I'd still be in ponytail everyday at work. dum.dum.dum.dum

not a pretty sight for a camwhore outcome. very immature I must say.

It's holiday today, so it's going to be camwhore day for me since i decided to stay put in my room the whole day.
Did a couple of editing here and there for special someone. I wonder why didn't I just take multimedia or graphic designs instead since I like doing this stuffs so much?
Still, I am grateful of what I have and blessed. 

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FBS Headmaster said...

When I had my long hair long time ago, there's time I woke up and the hair looks just perfect, I decided not to wash it, haha.