Wednesday, October 26, 2011

early moment.

Am scared I won't be able to go online since the recent schedule update is seriously packed - again.
SO I am going for it. Am uploading an early birthday wish for a beautiful someone.
Happy Birthday Dazzlyn

Am so sorry for the video quality. Its was originally 1xxmb but I converted it so it'll be in smaller mb.
Then only I realize how different the quality are.
Anyways, hope you liked it. I'd like to post it on your wall but then people will start to throw rotten eggs and flour on you so, yea.

cheerio xoxo


FBS Headmaster said...

Happy Birthday Dazzlyn!

oneheartyheart said...

Esther thank you soo much for the lovely video... im touched. :')

s2danii. said...

what a lovely video for your friend. You have an interesting blog :)