Monday, October 3, 2011

If you must know

 If you must know, I have this habit of buying unneeded stuffs. How should I say this, I don't really buy actually, I un-coincidentally collect things I don't realize I have. Like this game token here. This one token actually cost Rm1.

I think I could buy a nice dress if only I could exchange all the collected tokens back to cash. I have it all piled up inside my closet back home. What a total waste of money, don't you think so?

I have October all planned out. It'll be fast and furious. Torpedo-like. It'll all be over in a blink of an eye. Even before I finish saying ilovedoublecheeseburger. Watch and see. Then there's my long awaited trip back to college.
Dame! That totally sucks. But I really miss my ex-roommate (This is embarrassing), and my love-to-doll-up friend. Everyone to be exact. OK I lied. Not everyone.

This I tell you, is OCTOBER! - some of it.

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FBS Headmaster said...

Haha, it good that you already sorted out what you will be doing in Oct. Some of us is still try to flow with the current and try to figure out what will, what is, going to happened next XD

Wake me up when September ends... I snooze!