Sunday, October 23, 2011

Inside Kuala Pilah.

When the scheduled trip to Kuala Pilah came early this month, I was devastated at first, why? Because I'm such a lazy arse, I have only done 50% of all my reports. And to think we have to spend a couple of days there kills my brain cells. 

But then I change my mind. Kuala Pilah was a nice, green, traditional place that reminds me of home.
Furthermore, I learnt to eat (OK this is kind of odd) rojak! Sorry, I'm not a big fan of rojak. Maybe because of the kuah kacang (kacang is a big for me) but Negeri Sembilan's rojak got me smiling. First time in my whole life. And it's not even kuah kacang. Thanks to the kuah tester.

Also, the masak lemak chili api got me going for the second round of rice. Thank you Mrs. A for having us. ngee.

and.and.and the cendol which I choose a combination of it with pulut. OMgiad! I really don't care what people think it looks like but, I seriously am in lovin' it. nom.nom.nom

All this traditional foods (sort off) I'm having really worth the visit to Negeri Sembilan.

I really appreciate every single tiring day we spent there. Ohh and yes, finally I get to visit Istana Seri Menanti. Reality is definitely better than those well arrange history lines in text books.

Not forgetting the muzium kampung. A collection of antiques. Just the sights of the antique cameras got me eyes pop! I'll post that some other time.

Despite all those pretty picture, I kind of forgot to take a snap of the craziest thing we've encounter.

1. the 500m drive of shattered cow poo. Gosh! Its like driving into a deserted town with cows occupying the streets. There were stalls nearby with people having breakfast. Breakfast with sweet smell of cow poo.
2. hot weathered sheep. I mean, real sheep. the one they shave and make wool out of their, you know.. but its all wet maybe because of the humid weather. The fur* looks like dread locks. haha. I wish you guys could see it.
until then.

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