Thursday, October 20, 2011

pink lips.

Its not officially stress free yet but today, it's officially case investigation free. Happy feet.
A lot had happen my final month here in Kuala Lumpur. Going back to Sg Buloh next month. But hey, I'll be seeing all those beautiful faces again.
As much as I hated going back to that place, I still have tons of reason to be happy, so I'm staying positive.

The confirmed flight back to sweet homey is on December. I'm devastated.
Am going to miss my lil' brother's engagement day and the other brother's wedding. sigh.

This picture if you must know, is the aftermath of an unsettled exam. Not so pretty looking ay?
Final day tomorrow and yet, I'm blogging. Sigh.


KhuJa KhuZa said...

i want to try red colour !

IZWAN8389 said...

kirim salam bibir jak lh..kalah angelina Jolie wakakakakaka...

aestherlyienda said...

haha. I'm too scare to try red. doesn't seems to go with my skin tone. I'm a nude color girl.

aestherlyienda said...

wan : atukoi.. teteda bha.

FBS Headmaster said...

Just to be honest, I really find you pretty through that picture :D

All the best in exam! Gambatte!

See you again in your next post!