Wednesday, November 9, 2011

before the rain.

I stole an internet line from a friend just to clear up the spider webs on my blog wall. My precious blog, how I mish.mish you so dearly. Deactivated my facebook due to exam week which started yesterday, November 08.
Its been so different now that I'm in year three. The exam I meant. And this very moment when my friend thought I was working hard on studies, I am actually blogging. Yes, that's what I'm doing. Instead of studying, I am blogging like crazy and going online and browsing on Michelle Phan's site and checking my email and yes, after this I'm having a presentation. Thank you for the super fast days-gone-by. 
I just can't wait to hop on that plane and fly back to Sabah. I mish the fiancee already.

Bought myself new eyes sometime last week. I like it, not my fiancee though. he prefer the black soulless lens I'd usually wear. For now, I have only Mr. Green half framed glasses to accompany me all through the exam weeks. I'm beginning to like that old tight glasses. So does the most missed fiancee.


FBS Headmaster said...

haha jia you with exam...

i like the soulless black color contact too =)

i always think that if i wear other color than black... i will look weird

Yen said...

waaahh..same here..oso miss my home town@sabah.kl life can never suit me..

KhuJa KhuZa said...