Monday, November 21, 2011

BlogShop : Pudica Crafts

I had a little something handmade for dear Dazzlyn last month. It was her 21st birthday.
Well, I've always had things custom made for her because I'm such a lazy arse and it seems the internet have so much to offer than that big shopping malls.
I just managed to give her the present on November 11.
Ohh I am not professional enough to make this handmade beauties. Am not gifted. [LOL] 
So I had Pudica Crafts do all the little details.

I love the flower button.


I ask them to sew on Dazzlyn's name.
So no one would dare to steal them. Just Kidding.

Pudica Crafts is a Malaysian based handmade blog shop.
It offers various handmade items from bags to purses. And, they're all so pretty!
You can actually decide which fabric you want to use and have it custom made according to your liking.
I did that and I think even dear Dazzlyn agrees with the outcome. I love it.

Drop Pudica Crafts a visit now. You won't regret it - I promise.

Thanks again Pudica Crafts
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Anonymous said...

hye. ni kedai ada di sabah ka?

aestherlyienda said...

hello.. teda ohh moi. Its online shop. Order then dia buat utk ko.

Anonymous said...

owh, thanks. hehehe cantik oo.. hehehe