Wednesday, November 2, 2011


working the final task before heading back to college next week.

I'm feeling empty. Despite the 11 days count before final exam, I am without any doubt empty.
That tragic unexplained emotion I kept having this pass weeks and that inconsolable feelings of entering the college compound in a week is a terrible sense of unwanted ache to have.
It's that time again. How are you guys catching up? It's early November and I'm still lost between last month's mid semester break and that soothing sick feeling of being taken cared of at home. I miss dad's cooking.. I pray for better days everyday after today. And, I pray for less rainy days in the evening and of course an invisible me somewhere in college next week. Do not search for this blog owner. She's somewhere in China.
It is without any thought at all that I've decided to write the things that have been messing up my head right now. 
And of course a borrowed internet line. Decided not to reload the yellow man since I'm going to have exam in a couple of, yea.. 11 days.

much love. <3

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