Tuesday, November 22, 2011

have I told you lately..?

It's good to back in Kota Kinabalu! 
I started getting myself involve in part time car rental thingy. My job? Getting the car to the customer and picking it up again.
The pay? I got Rm50 yesterday. Quiet okay for a beginner, don't you think so?
I'm tired actually. I just came back from Terminal 2 Airport after a long drive from Nexus. Yes, thats how it goes. Very tiring. My first day ended at about 12am. Super fatigue.
I was planning to brush up my photoshop skills as well as my drawings this holidays. I kind of change my mind about the whole buying a DSLR thing. So, I got into car business instead. Totally 360 degree change out of the agenda. Got to warm up my voice as I'd be singing like a frog at a friend's wedding this weekend.

So what are your plans this holiday?

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