Wednesday, November 23, 2011

a long line of piled up brain doodles.

The 2minutes doodle I did two(2) days ago. I'm losing my artsy side.

The last time I took a boat ride was the time I needed to have a space of my own away from everyone else. That was, early this year. I am now in a term of erasing that software I’ve planted somewhere in my brain.

Gone through a lot of heart aching situation this pass years which only brings me to the point where being what everyone expected a person to be is totally outside consideration. So, I’m being sarcastic, I am cursing all the time, I speak out when nobody thought I’d be, I’d say bad words and plant one day grudge inside my blood veins and watch people go gaga over what had happen to the old me. This, I would say, the outcome of being too naive, over insecure, over thinking about what people would think about what I do and say and yes, being overly... I mean overly acting like I’m the prettiest monkey in this whole wide world.

A friend once mention to me that I like using idioms, some symbolic line of words I used to put on my facebook status. Some people felt offended by it, some gone terribly confused, some just wondered what on earth I was talking but that, I explain to them, are some of the quotes I found interesting, I stumble upon while browsing, I found related too and yes, I only put it so people would notice I’m there and I am still, alive, up and going. It’s a troubling feeling to have after those confess from a friend. Am sorry for making everyone think I am, yea, you know... Talking about them but NO. I’m done taking facebook for granted and to think it would solve heart aching situations. I told myself not to get involve in facebook drama anymore. It’s not mine to start with and I rather be wasting my time cuddling on the couch with beloved fiancĂ©e, having a nice hot chocolate while watching some repeated Myth buster on NG channel. Worth the memories, time and we get to share. That’s the one thing I like most. The other thing he’d do while I talk is – falling asleep on my lap. Sweet.

p/s : see, I have snow falls on bloggee. Christmas is near.

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Meitzeu said...

Yay!! Another Sabahan!! :) Luckily I clicked on your name in my guestbook, I thought it was a spam. :P

Your doodles looks nice! I like it and your blog is pretty too! :)