Thursday, November 17, 2011


I suddenly became very sensitive this couple of days. I am pissed at everyone whom I think I have no right to be pissed at, at all. Not that I blame PMS, I just am, NOT WELL.

I am pissed about all the procedures, I am very much pissed about the delays and the holiday thing. I am pissed about everything even taking my bath. I am very much not at ease. I am so much like nothing you can describe. I sent messages that'll make anyone want to throw their phones against the wall and make them think "What the heck is wrong with this bitch today?!"
Yes, I'd make you do that. And I really don't mind not eating because someone is having a nice gathering and believe me, having to think about burden during happy time is a NO.NO situation. And so, I got left out. I'm pissed. I am totally pissed.

I found wrinkles forming on my forehead which I could say the beginning of adulthood.


Unknown said...

sorry, don't mad at me..

aestherlyienda said...

hhahha. It comes and go.

FBS Headmaster said...

hopefully its already at GO by this time :D