Saturday, November 19, 2011

short expandable describing words.

So, this is me sitting here. No, waiting. Yes, I am waiting here at the airport - to go home. Exam has end its reign last Tuesday evening. Am ready to go home. Skipping all the course's planned activities back at campus. Its like a prison there, at campus. Nothing like what I have expected. Nope. Not at all. That's why I've decided and majority rules. Am heading home.

There's a guy sitting four(4) tables in front of me watching some kind of a movie. And, a cleaner leaning herself against the pillar just behind the guy. She's watching too - I guess. Tumpang tengok.
There's a Filipino guy sitting at the table, next to me. A very good looking one. I can hear him breath. I bet he's watching movies too.

I went and bought myself some tuna sandwich and hot Nescafe to help me get through the night. The cashier (a guy) said its on the house. Thank you very much. *happy feet*

A couple of hours before home. Decided to stay awake for the night and spare that much needed sleep on the plane later.
Its a pretty big bag I'm dragging here and there. I'm kind of embarrassed having to drag that brown colored bag all the way from campus to the airport. But now that I'm here, blogging about what happen since 8pm, I am kind of relief that I've arrived here safely.


Yoshi said...

Keep your hopes up :) Am glad that you arrived safely ^^

Zurina J. said...

Have a very nice day...:)