Monday, November 28, 2011

what happen.

Captured via Cammy.

Cammy got stolen. sigh.
Cammy is the camera I had for one and a half years now.
It scares me to leave valuable stuffs at home after what had happen.
I'm on move almost everyday due to working so I've decided to bring lappy everywhere now.

I have no respect over those kind of people who broken into people houses and steal.

That good old camera had done good deeds to me.
I have no cursing words to put against the person who did what he/she did but, I know and I hope that person knows too that, God always have hidden agenda for us, 
and yours (the burglar) will not be as good as everyone else.

was that last line considered a curse? 
I guess - NOT.

Bedtime. Working early tomorrow.

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