Thursday, December 8, 2011

The annoying gif(s)

 Hello cats (I'm getting used to this kind of introduction),

Spare me your eyes for a very annoying moving picture of le blog owner.
I just had my brain reprogrammed and I actually think facebook is no longer a social network.
It's a counselor, a matchmaker, a money maker, a classroom, a family entertainment center, a movie theater, a market, a jobstreet, an "American Idol" stage, an "american next top model" casting, a wrestling ring, a porn site (?) etc. So true.

[FACT] Did you know that Malaysian has the most number of friends in social sites like facebook? #thestar
whoaa!(count me in)


Aundrea said...

HAHAHAHA I agree. Mike Z must be reaaaaaally happy seeing us Malaysians using Facebook.

U're pretty! (:

♔K i M S said...

cute gif. =)

Daniel Chiam said...

pening sebentar oleh gif xD


aestherlyienda said...


Enrecca Accerne said...

actually like the 4th gif XD

u're soo tue XD about the fb thingy

Yen said...

eh..that's type of hand gesture kaitu? hehe..just kidding.:p

aestherlyienda said...

#Yen : Hand Gesture??

nGiau said...

that's really cute animation :3