Thursday, December 8, 2011

The annoying gif(s)

 Hello cats (I'm getting used to this kind of introduction),

Spare me your eyes for a very annoying moving picture of le blog owner.
I just had my brain reprogrammed and I actually think facebook is no longer a social network.
It's a counselor, a matchmaker, a money maker, a classroom, a family entertainment center, a movie theater, a market, a jobstreet, an "American Idol" stage, an "american next top model" casting, a wrestling ring, a porn site (?) etc. So true.

[FACT] Did you know that Malaysian has the most number of friends in social sites like facebook? #thestar
whoaa!(count me in)


Aundrea said...

HAHAHAHA I agree. Mike Z must be reaaaaaally happy seeing us Malaysians using Facebook.

U're pretty! (:


cute gif. =)

FBS Headmaster said...

pening sebentar oleh gif xD


aestherlyienda said...


Enrecca ❤ said...

actually like the 4th gif XD

u're soo tue XD about the fb thingy

Yen said...

eh..that's type of hand gesture kaitu? hehe..just kidding.:p

aestherlyienda said...

#Yen : Hand Gesture??

nGiau said...

that's really cute animation :3