Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Bunny vs The Panda

I found a cute bunny note book the other day. I did not bother to buy when it’ll only cost me Rm5. Instead, I took picture of it. Then yesterday, the loner me (went shopping alone because the panda was extremely busy and I did not want to be cerewet about it) went to the same place and you know, finally decided to buy it but then I found out it was already gone. Bastardo.

So I decided to buy the panda note instead.
He's going to be my companion all through my last semester.

The next time you want to buy something, just buy it. Do not wait for a long time to decide. If not, you’ll end up like me. Same goes to guys. If you like him, go for it. Do not wait until some other girls get him.  Then only you’ll regret not making the move. I’m suddenly speaking like a Singaporean. This is the outcome of reading way too many xiaxue.

So, in a few more days, let’s not start talking about Christmas now; I’ll be packing my big brown bag with tiny alphabets on it specifically G and fly all the way back to Kuala Lumpur.

Checking back on my tickets I thought to myself, why on earth did I book a 4pm flight? #bangsheadondesk.
Adding up all the delays (confirm!), 2.3hours fight, 1hours bus ride (unless I’m taking the cab this time), LRT and 10 minutes of walking #lalala around with that heavy bag, I’ll only reach rumah manis rumah at about 9pm max. Omaigat!!

That day is going to kill my ankle!
 anyways, smooch.


Yoshi said...

Aw both are really cute :) Wish to have them too :D

Anonymous said...

hehehee.. panda panda.. mana beli?

aestherlyienda said...

@Ivy, sana Daiso CP..

Anonymous said...

okey terima kasih sgt2.... hahahaha dekat saja...