Saturday, December 24, 2011

DiGi iPhone 4SURE I DO 1ST

So, basically what everyone is going write about what to do first on the iPhone 4s is, 
1) Open the box
2) Turn on the phone
3) Charge it for about 8 hours like every provider ask you too
4) Tells typical phone Joke
outcome : Wins DiGi iPhone 4Showdown


Everyone does the unboxing. pfft. #rolleyes
Sure, this entry is not unique but I'd rather not lie.I'm going to do what everyone's doing. ASKSIRI
No other phones have the similar application provided, specifically the Siri.
Siri, you're the first ever to be born in a metal case on the palm of someone who lives in a so-called-human-world!!#likeaboss

Like, hear me here (that rhymes #chuckles), reviewers on youtube had been playing around with the new app which is the Asksiri. My personal favorite. Its funny I tell you. Even Audrey had fun with it. Now that's a winner. It was supposedly meant for more serious matters but hey, you gotta do what a human gotta do right? So, let’s be stupid about it.

People, I’m telling you, this is the first real thing I’ll be doing!! You need any more reason? I'll give you reasons..

The good Siri, the bad, the Yellowpages siri, the navigator Siri, the Comedian, the Girlfriend/Boyfriend, the mother/father etc. It really cracked me up.

thoughts in mind : 
Siri, can you speak “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” backwards? #succeskid.jpg
Cons : I realize (from the reviews), the Siri can't really handle accent

Everything has its pros and cons but who cares, it is nice to own one smart+intelligent+knowledgeable iPhone 4s, don’t you think so? Note to self: You gotta work for it girl!!

So, ding dong. The time is up and I am done with my ramblings! Ohh wait. watch this Siri Parody. Its super funny.

Digi - Always the smarter choice.



Aundrea said...

im in the contest too!!! :D

aestherlyienda said...

I noticed. Lets do our best then. winks.