Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Hair Issue and Kitty Cat

Hello Cats,

I have had the longest period of keeping my hair long. So I have been thinking lately whether to cut it, digitally perm it, straighten it or just buy that curling or straightening iron instead.
fyi I value my hair. It's like my crown. I try to keep it healthy all the time. I used to envy all those women who have beautiful hair in that shampoo commercial. Then again, its a commercial so what do you expect?
I got my fingers busy doing some research on rebonding and perming. Some of the articles terrifies me. Either way, it damages your hair. That's the first thing I would like to stay away from.
So I am in a dilemma. The fiancee's getting tired of me asking him. I make decision everyday and changes it within 12 hours. It's annoys him, I know.
I already have a straight hair. I just am trying to find a way to keep it in place, more manageable I think and less of that hair sticking out whenever I have it up on ponytail. It annoys me.
I can by the way,  make my hair curly without going through the heat and all that harsh chemicals. Youtube have tons of tutorials on how to make your hair the way you want it to be.

So I'd like to keep it this way for now - maybe, I'm not sure yet.
But all in all, I'd just like to keep it healthy.

I end this post with a picture of me and kitty cat. The fiancee almost ran over this kitty cat for the second time within two weeks.
I was always there to save it. #superhero mode
It has blue eyes.

Since I was being kind and all ( you know, saving kitty) I had this picture put up as my facebook profile picture.
You're FAMOUS kitty!!

p/s : the picture matches my precious blog's snowy-pink-Christmas (sort of) theme, don't you think so?


Aundrea said...

Use the paper curl method to curl le hair. To straighten ur hair, i suggest just use le hair straightener. Well, our hair ain't going stop aging anyway. Why not just use it to the max? Hehehe. Just an opinion. Cheers!

v said...

your hair is already pretty as it is. I actually like your hair.

aestherlyienda said...

Aundrea : I've done the paper method. very effective. I just wish I have the time to do it more often. tee hee. thanks anyway..

v : thanks. wink*

Alicia said...

im obsessed with my haircare : ) use a serum and do deep treatments to keep your hair smooth. it's really pretty btw!

Mischelle said...

Aww.sucha cute cat! <3

Alexy Rusx said...

omg!!! your cat is soooooo big!!!!! :3

aestherlyienda said...

Yes its big but no, its not my cat. its someone's cat around my neighborhood. it just happen to be around the house so much because of free foods. hhehhe.