Saturday, December 17, 2011

The hair story

Are you a long bangs or a short bangs?

The myth is, if you have an oily + acne prone skin (just like me), it is wise to keep the hair away from the face. Why? Oily face makes it harder to manage your bangs. It'll look greasy and stick to your forehead causing you breakouts. Its disgusting.
My routine is that I'd usually wash my hair every two days when the natural oil are most unbearable. But I'd also wash it every time I have sweaty or itchy scalp eventhough I've just washed it yesterday. I don't wear any hair products because I found it weighs my hair down and it increase my hair fall symptoms.
I'll go for a trim every 2-3 times a year to keep the split ends at bay and I'd always, always condition my hair so its easier to manage and stay smooth and silky.
I purchase different brands of shampoo back in the old days. I measure its effectiveness for my type of hair based on the amount of hair falls in the bathroom. Now you know I have hair fall problem.


My all time favorite is Dove shampoo specifically the Hair Fall Range.
Like my mother, I have a thick black hair but as women especially after giving birth, you must know that one will experience hair loss. Read it all here.
Now, since that's happening. I'd like to keep it thick for now so by the time it starts falling out, I'll not look like baldy.
No wonder our granny had their hair permed/kerinting.

I'd layer my hair but usually tell my hairdresser to not make it overly thin. Once I had it thinned, it looked like dried
Like I've said, the hair is like a crown. Treasure it.

So, I love to have bangs but I prefer mine long. Easier for me to clip it back and style it away from le face. I'd let it down once in a while but not on working days. How about you?


zzanyy said...

I had long bangs for most of my life and recently cut it to short bangs.

Sometimes I have oily skin but as long as I use an oil-blotter, I don't get pimples. As for hair-fall, Pantene hair-fall control works for me. =)

nuranne said...

I don't really prefer bangs. But if I have to choose then it will be the long bangs. I remember during my school days I love to experiment with my bangs and I always ended up with a weirdo look.