Tuesday, January 10, 2012

all play

Days at the office had started. I'm not feeling any pressure at all. Maybe because I'm such a lazy arse, all I did was playing with #muffin. 

How monster looked like at the office and the pile of frustration I got myself into the night before.
I dreaded wearing the glasses to work but the air condition had me withdraw my intention of wearing the lenses. So I chose glasses over lenses.

I had started doing some research papers to be honest. Went to hear some case hearing today at Mahkamah Shah Alam #yawn.

Another time waster. Origami Kusudama flower. How to Kusudama Flower.
I have a sudden change in my daily routine which includes after work showers and 10pm bedtime. 
Maybe because the workloads is somewhat different from last semester and that we have a different trainer this semester. 
Or maybe I'm counting the chick way to early. I hope I didn't jinx myself for that.
Bless you!


adel said...

Hey, wat r u studying ?

aestherlyienda said...

Hello adel, I'm taking environmental health.