Monday, January 16, 2012

Brush strokes

I left #Blush stranded for weeks now while waiting for my orders to arrive. I really hope I can manage everything according to my plans since the new timetable(work) is starting to stress my brain cells.

I recently took drawing lessons online. I suddenly found the urge to brush up my drawings skill. It just occurs to me that I needed something to fill up the times I have in between stressful weeks aside from blogging, facebook'ing, checking my mails and going on youtube. All that is my daily tab to open. Drawing had always been my favourite thing to do. I'd usually plug on my earphone and just draw for hours. I feel very relaxed doing it. 

This is an incomplete #Chibi I drew a couple of days ago. Something went wrong with the software I was using when I drew this. The completed #Chibi didn't make it to the photo files. Sigh.

I lied. I deleted the #Chibi because it was hysterically uh-gleey!!
Sorry, I over exaggerated that. I really didn't get to save #Chibi.


Avocado said...

hey there, nice least you know how to draw. Mine was suck. Love your pictures and all.

and where did you learn this online?

aestherlyienda said...

Oh hi, I google it. I didn't book mark it unfortunately.