Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Flip a cow

I have been wanting to blog this few days but with the current stressing situation which will continue it's reign a while longer force me to repel myself from blogging, but I have decided it is best to make a quick update and calm may inner impatient hormones.
Back in school for the final semester. The first day school started was the day I ask myself, is this the awesome year I have been hallucinating about? The workloads had been bugging my mind since then. All the researches and enforcement files and sanitary related papers I have to finish and fyi, we have taekwondo lesson twice every month. omaigat! what have I put myself into? I'm going to be strong enough and flip a cow after 4 months.

Nevertheless, I have always told myself about the plan awesome and yea, positive is the key to success.
New Year's resolution is not that grand this year. Everyone had been bragging about the end of the world so.. no comment. I'm just gonna live my life to the fullest. If it was meant to be then, who am I to argue about it?

I hope you had a great start.

p.s thanks for the new year wishes beautiful people.


Aundrea said...

Hope you have a good start too. Cheers!

KhuJa KhuZa said...

aku suka btul cara kau edit pic!!
edit for me...hahaha

aestherlyienda said...

ish.. ok ba ko edit pic tu.. cun apa..