Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Happy Birthday Jay Chou.

I am not a die heart fan of Jay Chou. But I like listening to his songs. I know some of you are super big fan of him. He was at Pavilion last Sunday January, 15 promoting his new film The Viral Factor, did you know that? 
I started listening to Jay back when I was 16y.o. His songs always reminds me of #Panda. #Panda had Jay's Nocturne song as ringtone in our earliest lovey dovey dating days. He would sing some lines of the song for me. I was so in love. Still am!
But nowadays #Panda rarely have Jay's songs in his phone. He says Jay's song had somewhat change. #Panda like the old Jay songs. He would still have Jay's newest album but rarely listen. Anyway..
------Happy Birthday Chou Jie Lun-------
He'll not be reading this post but what the heck, I still like him. I hope he'll make more beautifully composed music. I won't mind if he's married or old or whatever, I'd still listen to his music. #standstrong
Last but not least, a Jay song for all of you. My current favorite.
This one is called How are you.

Jay Chou is that only man I can say "I love you" too and #Panda won't even have a feeling of jealousy or get mad. The power of Jay Chou! #trollface

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