Sunday, January 1, 2012


I blogged about how awesome 2012 would be.
By the end of 2011, everything awesome starts to happen and strenghten my beliefs that 2012 will definitely be super awesome.
I had the craziest night of my life, minus the alchohol (since I'm allergic).
Gave my sister a phone call as soon as the clock strikes 12. Thankfully I got through the super busy network. I got everyone on the phone wishing her a happy new year 2012 since she's in Penang at that very moment and was peacefully sleeping (until the devil me woke her up).
Then, the very 1st day of 2012, I had very terrible difficulties which almost cost me my soul (kind of).
But, I kept it in mind that no matter what happen, I have to always think +ve and that 2012 is going to be awesome no matter what. No plan B,C or D. Only plan awesome.
So my +ve-ness paid off. Which I really have to thank my fiancee for teaching me the needs to be independant. And so, I learned something new the 1st day of 2012.

Upon reading Travel 3sixty magazine on the flight back to Kuala Lumpur, I spotted a zodiac prediction for this year which is the year of the Dragon! Whether I am a Rabbit or a Tiger, both the predictions shows prosperity (If handled nicely lah. Not sure confirm one). Still, another sign of awesomeness.

Blogging this upon unpacking my belongings. Terribly tired. Off to bed.

p.s I really don't know why I bother forcing my semi closed eyes to hold the shuts and blog about this.

live life.
-from the not so comfortable, uncleaned, unorganized room.

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