Friday, January 13, 2012

those quotes.

I always thought quotes was the best things to keep my hormones jumping. Until facebook decided to interfere and quotation was all over my walls. I began to question quotes after that. And whether all those people sharing it actually thinks of it like I do. Then I stopped posting quotes on my status. I didn't find it interesting anymore. Its not original anymore.

A few weeks after, I posted random thoughts on my facebook status as something I needed to let go off. Then people starts hitting the like button. I was curious whether people are seeing this as some random quotes I stumble upon while browsing so I posted it as my status or they just felt connected with the lines of words I share. I leave the thoughts wondering until today and probably everyday until I decided to deactivate my facebook.

So sometime ago, I posted something silly like.. "Hello"
Still, people hits the like button. My expectations went drastically down. So I thought, the internet has ruin our generation's minds. especially google. I love google but at times I thought the conviniency is overpowering the use of the human brain.

Unbelievably, by the end of last year, I started posting lesser status especially emotional and privacy related status. It seems facebook had become a massive global daily diary, day after day.

I kept it in mind that, only thoughts that are trully dear to my heart, will I post in and leave it rotting there for days.

Faith is what keeps you going. No matter how hard you fall, always pick yourself up again. Because what keeps you going, keeps the dreams alive.

Anything else that keeps me motivated, I had it written down on my panda note. Because it just hit me that I had posted way too many self thought quotes I had originally wrote for myself and it went missing in all those silly status I have posted for years now.
Its not too late to make another new years resolution. Even if its the end of the world (the prophecy), we have to continue with our lives no matter what.
Have a great weekend everyone.
Be blessed.

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ead ~ said...

hey, i think im in the same boat as u. been activate and deactivate my fb acc for quite a few times now :(