Friday, January 20, 2012


The thing about school is, when the new semester starts, my traffic starts dropping. Sometimes I just wonder, whats the point of blogging when no one is reading? 
I printed a large sign and pinned it on my soft board just to remind me the fact that the holidays are filled with reports and assignments to finish. I needed to remind myself because I have been wasting so much time drawing and doodling.

imperfect but, I tried.
I'm thinking of rearranging my blog. 
I hated the spams on my Cbox so I'm going to take it down.
Am going to do a blog make over soon.

#edited : gosh! I can't believe I rearranged the whole blog in just 5 hours after I blog about it.
It is now 3.15am. I'm off to sleep.

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