Friday, February 17, 2012

Come to the dark side

Oh hi there,
I'm restraining myself from buying anymore nice clothes. Sigh~
I stumble upon a cute shirt at FOS last Saturday.
It has this very cute alien and super adorable quote on it.
"come to the dark side, we have cookies"
It kept on repeating itself inside my head. I just can't wait until Friday so I can spend some quality time with #muffin and just pour the ideas onto my drawings.
So this is it. The quote I was inspired by.
Ideas and designs originally from my jumping art hormones.
I doodled on my ideas last Tuesday just to finish it today! Satisfaction level up!


nuranne said...

It's hard to restrain myself from buying clothes. hehe. I hope I also stumble upon a quote or magic spell whatever that keeps my hands of my wallet.

Avocado said...

what software did you used for drawing?

aestherlyienda said...

SketchBook ^^