Friday, February 3, 2012

Dancing 'til Daybreak

What I'd wear for Valentine's Day. 
You want to look sweet, nice,simple and comfortable on Valentine's day.
Do not pile up way too much make up and go easy on the blings.
Strapless are always romantic!
Inspiration : Dancing 'til daybreak

Valentine's Day is fast approaching. Sincerely, I'm not a V-Person. I know some even say that this day is arbitrary. 
Eventhough I won't be celebrating Valentine's, I'm going to share a few things you should NOT be doing on V-Day.

1. Do not have overly high expectation. Do not expect the rosses, chocolates, fancy dinner like those you see in movies. It might leave you dissappointed.

2. Do not take yourself for granted. Yes, VDay is about pampering yourself, being loved, admired; It's great if that happens but you should always remember that you are loved and valued for more than your ability to snag a significant other.

3. Do not drop hints. It will make your partner feel like you are expecting something big. It's Okay if your partner forgot, you got the whole life time to celebrate love.

4. Do not compare your VDay with anyone else's. Everyone has their own love story, write yours not other people's. It might be different, it might not be as fancy as anyone else's but love doesn't always mean you have to have all these and everything's perfect. We all have different places in life, have different priorities and taste - it's all okay.

5. Do not go into dept for Valentine's Day. That is why we should always remember no#1. Celebrating love shouldn't be a burden.

6. Do not rush something just because it's Valentine's Day. Even if its tomorrow, you'll still have each other.

7. Do not get drunk, like seriously.

8. Do not complain. There's nothing worse than hearing someone spend all day complaining about their lack of prospects, heartache or ticking biological clock.

9. Do not get sick by gorging on bad chocolate.

10. Do not pity yourself. Do whatever it takes to get perspective on life amidst the flowers, candies and romance-induced mayhem. Keep your chin up and focus on what you have accomplished and hope to accomplish in the future. Remind yourself that Valentine's Day is just another da on the calender.

1 Corinthians 13: Love does NOT envy, love does NOT boast, love is NOT proud, love is NOT rude, love is NOT self-seeking, love is NOT easily angered. Love keeps NO record of wrongs, love does NOT delight in evil.

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