Saturday, February 11, 2012

Instagraphie weeks in photos

went up and about mid valley today. It was jam-packed with beautiful people.
There were a lady playing the violin in the center court and a couple dancing like swans. I didn't took any photo there because there were a lot of people snapping and taking videos of the couple.
Valentine's day mood is taking over the mall. Saw a man buying a music box. I think he's giving it to his girl as well. Heart shapes was all around the place.
Stumble upon a custom made music box. I like the 'colors of the wind' music box. It was nice.
Hung around Harvey Norman. Made ourselves cozy on the beds and rocking chair. Debated something about the Rm3xxx washing machine (which was awesome) and commented on how heavenly-like to have a spacious refrigerator.
Ohh. Saw a Rm206 giant Crab and Rm181 lamb leg. Gosh! All the rich people foods.
Now, lets start work.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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