Thursday, February 16, 2012

mind control

I'm terribly tired. I don't think I can cope with anymore stressful work. 
My head is filled with well written line of words, numbers and all those photos, graphs and medical related terms.
I feel my hormones holding high the signs of giving up.
I frown, my forehead won't release the tensions and I feel like giving up.
I feel so exhausted. I want to let go of the whole thing but I fear every minute wasted will leave me burning the midnight oil in near future.
I'm so envious of those people living stress free life.
If only the schedule isn't packed. If only I can focus on one thing rather than 10 things in one time. If only I'm not organized enough. If only I could just leave my planner aside and not set due dates, if only I can act like I don't know.

The tension between my eyebrows, whats that called again? ahh... stress. sweet.


Anonymous said...

Relax, sis. Spend a few minutes for a cup of coffee would do the trick. :D

aestherlyienda said...

Thank you. =)