Friday, March 9, 2012

3 inch

**wrote this at a cybercafe, March 07
Blogging in a cybercafe for the first time. Was abandon by #yourstruly (not really). People here are cursing non-stop (Dota). Gonna spend two hours here playing games and do some updates.
Visited the hairdresser two hours ago. He asked me when was the last time I visited the salon. I told him I go for a trim twice a year.
He said my hair was too long and overly too thick, macam dawai wtf. But I liked it that way; the only reason I visited them twice a year, so my hair would grow longer and longer. He said I should always comb my hair after shower/wash to avoid tangle. How the F he knew I never comb after wash? I thought after wash is when the hair is most vulnerable and shouldn't be combed. Now I should change my whole hair routine.

The lau pan niang asked me whether I was happy. I was, until I found out the man behind the scissors cuts almost 3 inch of my hair off. I was devastated. I pulled out my long dissapointed frog face and told them it was too short. Now, my hair falls just below my chest area unlike last time when it fall just gorgeously below my belly button. #omaigat!

I convinced myself that it'll grow back and force a smile on my face but based on #yourstruly, I kept on repeating the same line the moment I walked out of the salon. "Its too Short". He asked my to do extention. wtf! So not original.


Mischelle said...

aww..thats awful.i'm sorry for the lose of ur hair.
it'll grow back. :)

Anonymous said...

Jeez that's why I hate visiting random saloons! And extensions is quite expensive too. Mesti oruol ginawo nu tii kan. Take things slowly :)

aestherlyienda said...

have to accept faith. haha.

Unknown said...

dont worry, it'll grows back without u notice it. =P