Sunday, March 18, 2012


Apparently I love #holdsbreath garlic. Yes, the one you hang over your door ways to keep the vampires away. Yup, that's it. Plenty of them. Been thinking about them the whole day. So, I had fried eggs with 5 big cloves of them white garlic. Satisfaction level UP!
Rumors says, don't take anything garlicky on your first date or the date won't muacks you.

I hated them garlic, its so.. not yummy at all and it causes the breath to stink like a stinky poo. But that was decades ago. When I met #yourstrully, he thought me so many things like, to add at least one clove of garlic to every meal and eat lots of bitter gourd for better blood circulation. Ohhh.. superstitions.  He's like a freak to them garlic. #yourstrully said its an antiseptic antibiotic, a natural one. Took me 2 years to fall in love with them. Now, I can officially say that I have 100% graduated from all those mentioned above. And, no worries about not having muacks because we both love them garlic. Call me stinky. 8B
#yourstrully thought me not to be so fussy about foods (he's like a clone to my dad). He always reminds me of african children #shits so I won't waste food. I'd always finish my meals now.
Ohh wait, its because I'm the thinnest among his family. They're planning to make me fat #shits is it?

Hard for me to update bloggie nowadays. The laptop is sick as H. Sometimes I just want to throw it against the wall #onjossstickprayingIwontdoso

I love you Ryan Reynolds. ;)))) wutt?!

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