Sunday, March 25, 2012


Today I want to blog like there’s no tomorrow. Wtf.
Epic moment : was taking a shower because felt like rotten eggs after a long day. *while dududu bathing* saw an upside down bug with wings on bathroom floor. Wings are wet because, well, I’m showering (it saw me naked. Omaigat!). Neways, it was trying to rescue itself. Questioned myself on how God would be so angry if I just dududu continue with shower. So, the-kind-me hold its tiny legs wtf and rapidly pick up stubborn bug and put it on safer place saying, “mari! Nanti ko mati! Nanti ko mati!”

Two days later, saw it on the floor again. Different place but yea, it was there, dead. I stared at it for 3 seconds. Ask myself why I saved something who apparently, wanted to die. Then, my heart spoke, “bagi saya 4D” wtf!

Leave this post with what I did this weekend.

 Multitasking = working like shit!

 The results. Report and more reports. Shockingly, this is not even half of my work.


Anonymous said...

Muahahaha I like the wallpaper :P

aestherlyienda said...

The wallpaper was for my motivation. haha. I give you, want? =))))