Monday, March 12, 2012

The "Now I'm Back In Kuala Lumpur" Blog Entry.

Coming back here is an awful feeling. #yourstrully was out of town so we wave goodbye early Friday morning after breakfast which was(of course) bitter. Suffering from a sore throat and cold and slight fever since Wednesday (took medication). Haven’t been sick like this for almost a year. It’ll take a whole lot of time to go down. Downloaded many games into #muffin which I swear, I won’t play. Lost my stylus (the reason I haven’t been drawing). Cash flow like water. Splurged on some clothes online which cost me millions (kidding).

Hoped to recover soon. Going to extend the postponed travelling (with purpose) routine since last month. Have to get ready for mid-semester exam. Officially turning in my research papers and waits for rejection. In the mean time, I have to restrain myself from shopping especially online since I’ve spent a H lot of cash early this month. Holes in my pockets, almost.

Gonna start dietary routine soon since I’m losing weight so much even though I’ve been eating normal. Am 48kg now. Am afraid sickness will weigh me down a couple more. I’d be listening to anorexic comments again. Dislike that. And, I’d like to be the old mentally me. Been receiving bad receptions on how I kept talking shit lately. Giad! 

Leave you with a picture of me (and a sexy lady with black plastic bag #trollface) from our day out at Gaya Street last Sunday. Taken by #yourstrully ( I miss him)

 mish <3

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