Wednesday, March 14, 2012


The days I was left with sickness were the days I don't really want to recall back.
My throat was extremely hurting, it was hard for me to even swallow my own saliva. It was even worst when I have to cough every single minute.
I was on the bed the whole day, sometimes I'd force myself to sleep to make sure my migraine go away faster.
I'd wake up now and then to have a glass of water and hit the toilet.
I noticed how bloated my face looked when I walked pass by the mirror. I was pale and my eyes were swollen as if I have just cried.
It was hard. Told myself not to take anymore pain killers but the pain was excruciating, I can't even fall asleep. So, I took 3 for the past 5 days of my days.
I'd wake up at dawn coughing like H almost everyday now. I really don't want to wake my roommate up. 
Empty cough syrup tossed away this morning leaving me with no more medication to soothe my throat. Start coughing every time the body temperature went down. Am going to survive cough this, I know. 

Did a terrible move today which I can see will eventually bounce back. 
That's for messing around with sick people.
You're lucky I don't have mucus wtf.


minniechang said...

try lemonade with honey :) or salt water. get well soon!

nuranne said...

tonsil? a lot of water will helps. See the doctor if it got worst hun. Nanti melarat-larat susah pl. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Get well soon pal. Believe that u're healthy, psychology thingy works for me.

aestherlyienda said...

thank you everyone. recovering, recovering.. \0/