Monday, March 5, 2012

what happen.

It was raining cats and dogs when I left for airport the other day. The traffic was bad, there were numerous accidents along the way, the weather was so cold (plus the air conditioned bus) and the worst thing was that I forgot to bring along my sweater. I slept half of the hours flight back to Kota Kinabalu and did some drawings before touch down.
Neglected the blog, I know. I haven't been spending so much time online upon reaching hometown. The house was filled with us siblings. It know my parents were happy from the looks on their face and the amount of foods served on the table which I am grateful for but Omaigat! I was too much, it left me hitting the bathroom like a pregnant lady. I just couldn't handle the pressure inside my stomach. If I have an xray vision, I would have seen the white flag my stomach is waving at me.

There were no sunlight today, the air is damp and its gloomy. I fought the urge take any more extra zzZz because I woke up late today and that is more than I could ask for. Wouldn't want to pack on too much fat this holiday. The fear of not getting into my uniforms always hits me.

mish <3

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