Saturday, April 21, 2012


Hello Cats,
I hope you're having fun this weekend. I am enjoying myself too; making statistical graph, arranging words and stressing my brain. I am getting used to that. The key is to always stay positive in everything you do. That way, you won't feel as if it is a burden for you.

Also, I have finally set up my instagram photo-log as you can see there written Instagraphie. Its been a while since I started using instagram. If you are a frequent visitor of my blog then you'll know how I love stacking up all the photos and pile it into one blog post with the title Instagraphie on it.
Since I am getting overly lazy doing that now, I have decided to do just that (Photo log it) so I won't feel bad about not continuing the whole weekend/weeks in photo thingy. Been wanting to do so for the longest time; its time I did since its available for Androids now. So more people will have the privileged of enjoying it now. If you haven't downloaded it already, please do. Its an awesome application especially for those who loves to take photos.
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Have an awesome weekend everyone.